COVID-19 Procedures

Drop Offs

Front office is closed.

Please pull forward to the garage door on the left of building with your recyclables. 


Pick Up Service

We ask that all items being picked up be either curbside or in the garage.



Item Fees

Mattress (All Sizes) - $30/piece

Box Spring (All Sizes) - $30/piece

~ King Sets are 3 pieces ~ 

Foam Mattress Topper - $5/piece

Ottoman - $10/piece

Chair - $55/piece

Loveseat  - $65/piece

Couch - $75/piece*

(*Sectional pricing varies depending on size)

Metal Bed Frame - Free

Items With Freon - $10/piece

(Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, Etc.)


Large Appliances - $10/piece

(Washer/Dryer, Stove, Water Heater, Etc.)


(Not Available for Pick Up) 

Car/SUV Load/Truck

$5 - $20 per load

TVs, CRTs, Projections - $2/inch** 

Flat Screens (LCD, Plasma, Etc.) - $1/inch**

**Measured Diagonally




Pick Up Service

Pricing below is in addition to the item fees above. 

***All items need to be located in garage or curbside.***

$60 Trip Fee + item fees (Colorado Springs)

Same day pick up fee - Additional $20 (Subject to availability)

Additional $0.50/mile for pickups outside Colorado Springs

Fill out our pick up form for a quick quote 


(We accept but do not purchase scrap metals)

Free Items

(*TVs, Monitors, Large Appliances and items with Freon are not free of charge)

Anything that plugs into a wall or runs on batteries*


(DVD/VCR, Phones/Tablets, Game Consoles, Cords, Etc.)*

Computers & Components

(Keyboard/Mouse, Towers, Cables, Etc.)*

-We do not accept Printers-


Small Appliances

(Microwave, Toaster, Vacuum, Etc,)*

Artificial X-Mas Trees


(Automotive, Power Supply, Laptop/Cell Phone, Etc.)

Metal items

(Bicycles, B-Ball Hoop, BBQ, Trampoline Frame, Anything Metal, Etc.)

Aluminum Cans 

We do not accept:

(Printers, Paint, Hazardous Waste, Medicine, Styrofoam, Glass, Paper, Plastics, Wood, CDs & Tapes. )

Questions? Text us for a quick reply.