Item Fees

Mattress (All Sizes) - $20/piece

Box Spring (All Sizes) - $20/piece

Foam Mattress Topper - $5/piece

Ottoman - $10/piece

Chair - $20/piece

Loveseat  - $30/piece

Couch - $40/piece*

(*Sectional pricing varies depending on size)

Metal Bed Frame - Free

Items With Freon - $10/piece

(Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, Etc.)


Large Appliances - $10/piece

(Washer/Dryer, Stove, Water Heater, Etc.)

Cardboard - Large Loads Minimum $5

TVs, CRTs, Projections - $2/inch** 

Flat Screens (LCD, Plasma, Etc.) - $1/inch**

**Measured Diagonally



Pick Up Service

$50 Trip Fee plus item fees (Colorado Springs)

Additional $0.50/mile for pickups outside Colorado Springs

***$10 off if all items are located in garage or curbside.***

Fill out our pick up form for a quick quote 


(We accept but do not purchase scrap metals)

Free Items

Anything that plugs into a wall or runs on batteries*


(DVD/VCR, Phones/Tablets, Game Consoles, Cords, Etc.)*

Computers & Components

(Keyboard/Mouse, Wiring, Printers, Etc.)*


Small Appliances

(Microwave, Toaster, Vacuum, Etc,)*

Artificial X-Mas Trees


(Automotive, Power Supply, Laptop/Cell Phone, Etc.)

Metal items

(Bicycles, B-Ball Hoop, BBQ, Trampoline Frame, Anything Metal, Etc.)

Aluminum Cans 

(*TVs, Monitors and items with Freon are not free of charge)

We do not accept:

(Paint, Hazardous Waste, Medicine, Styrofoam, Glass, Paper, Plastics, Wood, CDs & Tapes. )

Questions? Text us for a quick reply.