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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an appointment needed?

No appointment needed, stop by anytime during normal business hours.

Will you pay me for my material?

At this time, we do not purchase metals or recyclables.  

Why do you charge for recycling certain items?

Often times recycling requires large amounts of labor and equipment; the value of the material doesn't always cover the cost associated with processing the material.  For example, when a mattress is dropped off for recycling, we dismantle it by hand, separate the materials by type, store the materials until there is enough to bale, bale the material, store the bales until there is enough to ship and then ship the material by truck to the facility that uses that specific material as part of their manufacturing process.

Our recycling fees help cover the costs associated with this process.

Why don't you accept plastic bottles or glass?

We specialize in "difficult" to recycling items (like mattresses!) and although we have an extensive list of items we do accept, we do not currently accept plastic bottles or glass.  Most trash companies offer plastic and glass recycling for a small fee; we recommend checking out one of their great recycling programs!

Do you recycle wood?

We do not accept wood at this time.  Please visit our affiliate company for wood recycling (  Please note that only above ground tree material can be recycled with Urban Firewood; they do not accept lumber, treated wood, furniture or root balls.

Are you closed for lunch?

We do not close for lunch.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, credit and debit.

Will you help unload?

We are here to help if needed but are not responsible for damage to vehicle or property.

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