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Earth Day Event

Saturday April 20th

9am - 2pm


Thank you for checking out our inaugural Earth Day event.

To help celebrate the occasion we are offering

50% off* 

almost all recyclable materials.

Our free of charge items include:

Anything that plugs into a wall or runs on batteries*

Electronics(DVD/VCR, Phones/Tablets, Game Consoles, Cords, Etc.)*

Computers & Components(Keyboard/Mouse, Wiring, Printers, Etc.)*


Appliances(Washer/Dryer, Stove, Water Heater, Toaster, Vacuum, Etc,)

Artificial X-Mas Trees

Batteries(Automotive, Power Supply, Laptop/Cell Phone, Etc.)

Metal items(Bicycles, B-Ball Hoop, BBQ, Trampoline Frame, Anything Metal, Etc.)

Aluminum Cans


(*TVs & Monitors - Save $5 per item)

We are not accepting Paper, Paint, Hazardous Waste, Medicine, Styrofoam, Glass, Plastics, Wood, CDs & Tapes. 

Items with fees are listed here. 

(Mattresses, Box Springs, Couches, Chairs, Screens, Etc.)

Want to skip the event line?

You can recycle with us 6 days a week.

Plus we also offer a pickup service.

Pickup Quote



Call, Click, or Text for more info.



Together we can keep Colorado colorful!

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